CCO wins competition for innovative school


We have won the competition for Denmark's first school, based on the so-called 21st Century Learning Skills, placed in Høje-Taastrup. Our team comprises Kjaer and Richter, 1: 1 Landskap, Søren Jensen Engineers and disruption advisor. According to the judges' evaluation report the wining proposal allows for a transformable scenography that makes the building become a tool for learning.

In the first phase of the competition, 3XN, Henning Larsen Architects, Christensen & Co. Architects with Kjaer & Richter, ADEPT with RUM Architects and C.F. Møller Denmark, competed. The CCO-team and Henning Larsen Architects continued in the second phase.

cco wins harbor bath in frederikssund


We have won the competition for a new harbor bath in Frederikssund, in collaboration with Marianne Levinsen Landskab and MOE.

The harbor bath will be a place of peaceful poetry. Inside the circle, the microclimate is designed so that guest can always find a place in the sun and shelter from the wind. Outside, guest can take a fresh bath in the fjord followed by a visit to the sauna, whilst enjoying the panoramic view of the sunset.



We are looking for talented interns for the spring semester, starting February 2018.

We expect that you are independent, engage in creative discussions and the daily workflow. As an intern, you will become a part of our creative and informal office, located at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. In our work, we strive to create architecture that strengthens and supports social interaction. To achieve this, we apply a holistic approach, which means that all aspects of our projects are equally important, including sustainability at all levels.


The position is paid. Apply by sending your portfolio and CV to

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Thank you all for an exciting year. 2017 saw several of our projects officially opened, among them the research and networking hub Life Science & Bioengineering at Technical University Denmark, the new Educational Building for the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and our energy-plus kindergarten at Kistefossdammen in Norway. 


We are closed for the holiday season, but we will be back January 3rd 2018.

House of Martial Arts


We are one of two winning teams that will continue in the competition for a unifying House of Martial Arts, placed on a central corner in the outskirts of Nørrebro, Copenhagen.  As a powerhouse of martial arts, the new building will unite a wide range of activities from Karate to Tai Chi and yoga. We have teamed up with STED Landscape Architects and Rambøll Engineers.



Our project Life Science and Bioengineering B201-205 at Technical University Denmark (DTU) is nominated for an AIT-award under the theme education. The central networking hub of the building unites students and scientists in an atrium, where thousands of oak lamellae reflects the educational environment’s focus on biology and nature. The project is a collaboration with Rørbæk og Møller Architects, Schul Landscapearchitects, COWI and Wessberg.


Read more about the project HERE

Topping-out Helsingør Power Plant


Topping-out today at Helsingør Power Plant. The event was attended by Per Tærsbøl, Chair of the board at Helsingør Power Plant and former Mayor at Helsingør, Claus Bo Frederiksen, Head of projects at Helsingør Power Plant and manager for this project and also Esper Christophersen, COO at BAM Denmark. Our design for the Power Plant´s new HQ have spaces that enhance interdisciplinary collaboration as well as meetings between employees and guests.

Official opening at DTU


On wednesday November 1, H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik officially inaugurated DTU Building 201-205. Rapper Per Vers hosted the event, which included speeches by the Danish Minister for Higher Education, Søren Pind, and DTU's president Anders Bjarklev.




KTH Grand Opening


Our Educational Building for engineer students at the Royal Institute for Technology (KTH) in Stockholm was officially opened during the 100 year anniversary of the KTH Campus. We have developed the design through an interdisciplinary process involving both field trips and dialogue with students, staff and administrative campus members.


Read more about the project HERE

Sweden Green Building Award Nomination


Our Lund City Hall is nominated for Miljöbygnad 2017, one of Swenden Green Building Awards. The Swedish construction and real estate industry has nominated projects, buildings and prominent people during the summer and now the jury will appoint finalists and later on in the process winners.


Read more about the project HERE

Østerbro Ice Rink


We are back after a great summer, and ready for a fall filled with exciting competitions. We are already well into the first competition, which is for Østerbro Ice Rink. Next to Østre Gasværk in Copenhagen the new ice rink will enhance the site’s unique character.



Christensen & Co. Architects are closed in week 28, 29 and 30.


We look forward to a summer vacation after a busy spring with three competitions waiting for us when we get back. Monday 31st of July we return, ready to compete for a new school in Høje Tåstrup, AAU's Science and Innovation Hub in Aalborg and Kampsportens Hus in Nørrebro.

We wish you all a great summer.

The Carpentry Award 2017


We are honored to receive The Carpentry Award 2017, which is awarded by the Copenhagen Carpentry Guild. DTU, Rørbæk & Møller architects and Christensen & Co. Architects received the award for the atrium of building 202 at DTU in Lyngby.



The children are moving into Kastelsgaarden


With summer just around the corner, the children are starting to move into our new building for Kastelsgaarden Kindergarten in Copenhagen. The distinctive design is inspired by the existing urban environment with parks, embassies and classic Copenhagen residential buildings.



Moving day


Today in Norway, the children are moving into our energy-plus Kindergarten at Kistefossdammen. The sculptural and sustainable building is part of the ambitious FutureBuilt-programme, where three of the largest municipalities in the Oslo area work to create climate-neutral buildings of high architectural quality.


For more information on the project Click HERE



We are looking for a team of talented interns for the semester beginning September 2017.

You will become a part of a creative and informal work environment in an innovative office, located at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We focus on a holistic approach, where all aspects of a project are equally important, including sustainability on all levels. We expect that you are independent and engage in the creative discussions and work flow alongside other colleagues.

Minimum 3 years of architecture school.
The position is paid.

Please mail portfolio and CV to:



With our 2017 COP we communicate our ongoing commitment to the UN Global Compact. CCO has been signatories since 2010 and throughout the last 6 years we have worked to integrate the main issues into our daily practice, including a code of conduct and raising awareness of the principles in our projects.





Download our COP 2017 from The UN Global Compact webpage HERE

Sustainable Design


Today at the Norwegian Architects Association, Thomas Nørgaard will share his extensive knowledge and experience of design and project management on sustainable Kindergartens.

The Linnéuniversity is on its way


Close to the harbor in Kalmar, the Linnéuniversity is taking shape. We are excited to see our designs come to life at the new campus in Kalmar. Placed in close proximity to the urban life of the city, and close to an industrial harbor and sailboats, the university will contain four faculties in three buildings that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.



A new heart for Kastelsgården


In Copenhagen Christensen and Co has designed an extension for the Daycare Centre Kastelsgården. Along with two nursery groups and two kindergarten groups, the new building will provide a unifying entrance for the entire house and all its facilities. With a respectful approach towards the next-door neighbor, a heritage building, the new addition to Kastelsgården will embrace and encourage children to play and learn from their surroundings.


Opening – Ørestad Rice rink


Our new Ice rink in Ørestad, southern Copenhagen opened with a day of festive happenings on the ice. The future users of the Ice rink includes Copenhagen Lions Ice hockey team, the local Copenhagen ice skating club and the ice rink will be open for the public.




Topping-Out Norway nursery


We have celebrated the topping-out of our Norwegian nursery. The 1300 m² wood clad nursery is energy-plus and will produce more energy than it uses. The nursery is placed in Asker Municipality just outside Oslo, and is part of Future Built meaning sustainability has been the main focus in the design, choice of materials and live cycle.


New nursery extension Topping-Out


Our nursery celebrated all the workers on the building site in Copenhagen, on a beautiful sunny autumn day. The new extension to the Kastelsgården nursery is nearing completion and will welcome 4 new groups of young children to the existing nursery in February 2017. The new building will shelter the playground towards the road and ensure a safe daily life for all the little ones.

DTU Life Science & Bioengineering revealed


The largest building project since DTU´s Lyngby Campus inauguration in 1974 is nearing completion. The new building for DTU Aqua, DTU Vet and DTU Food is slowly revealing itself, as the dust from the builders settles and the scaffolding is coming down. The ´Biosphere´ is the social centre point of the building. This is where researchers and students from all three institute and departments will come together and share knowledge; this is the entrance to DTU Life Science & Bioengineering.




Welcome to 4 new interns for the autumn semester


We are exited to welcome Stine Lebech Schmidt from The Architecture School in Aarhus, Sebastian Z. O. Henriksen and Rosalia Svendsen from School of Architecture, Copenhagen and Tobias Christoffersen, Construction design student from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA).


All 4 will work at Christensen & Co. until January, where they go back to finish their education.

PQ: New research facility at DTU-Lyngby


CCO are prequalified in a team with MT Højgaard and MOE for the new 10.500 m² research facility at Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The new building encompasses research facilities for DTU Energy, DTU Physics and 3D Imaging Centre.


DTU is an internationally removed Technical University, with a global reach and students from all over the world.  Founded in 1829 by H.C. Ørsted, the Danish Physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetism (Ørsteds Law)

Three new urban knowledge-sharing zones


We have created three new urban knowledge-sharing zones for Copenhagen Science City in front of three educational hot spots in northern Copenhagen. The zones highlight the overall ambition to enhance collaboration across the different educational facilities gathered in the area.




Norwegian wood Nursery


Our energy plus nursery is emerging on the building site in Oslo, Norway. The wood panelled façade with zigzag roof is our first Norwegian project and due to be finished in the beginning of 2017. We cannot wait to welcome children and adults in the sustainable new nursery


For more information on the project click HERE

Façade pixels on The Niels Bohr Building


The double façade system on the new Niels Bohr Building, to the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, are being installed. The inner modules consist of a climate screen and a crystal pixel façade on the outside, this allows for a high level of light to filter into the building


For more information on the project click HERE

CCO celebrated 10 years anniversary on a hot summer night


We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to friends and collaborators who came and helped us celebrate our 10 years anniversary. A sizzling BBQ on the roof terrace and a booming dance floor inside, on one of the warmest summer nights in Copenhagen





CCO wins the design competition for a new sports complex


Together with MASU Planning and Rambøll, CCO has won the competition to design a new modern sports complex. Our exercise patterns have changed during the last decade and options increased, and with this new space we aim to create a facility, which caters for the future


A.P. Møller Foundation generously support the new K.B. Hall


With a generous donation of 55 million Dkr from A.P. Møller Foundation and planning permission from Frederiksberg Municipality, we can now proceed to the next stage of the rebuilding of the new K.B. Hall. The future K.B. Hall will offer concerts and international sports events in a modern space with sophisticated acoustics.  


For more information on the project click HERE

Denmark’s largest sports hall – Topping-out


We are rebuilding and renovating Club Denmark Hall in Valby, Copenhagen. The sports hall is more than 100 meter long and collapsed in 2010 due to heavy snow fall. We have redesigned the interior, updated the façade while keeping the large arched signifier of the exterior. The sports hall will offer a large number of different sports activities for the local community


For more information on the project Click HERE

DTU Life Science & Bioengineering wrapped in gold oxidised aluminium


50.000 m² of modern science and research facilities at Denmark´s Technical University (DTU) in Lyngby are being clad. Our projects for the DTU Life Science & Bioengineering facility is nearing completion.  DTU-Aqua, DTU Food and  DTU Vet will share facilities in order to create a more social and cross-collaborative community among the students.




We built a bridge


We have designed a footbridge in Ørestad connecting the Ørestad Metro station to our New Ice Ring, and the future Royal Arena next door. The new bridge ensures safe passage from the residential area to the Ice Ring and Arena over the busy highway towards central Copenhagen



With our 2016 COP we communicate our on going commitment to the UN Global Compact. CCO has been signatories since 2010 and throughout the last 6 years we have worked to integrate the main issues into our daily practice, including a code of conduct and raising awareness of the principles in our projects.


Download our COP 2016 from The UN Global Compact webpage HERE




The sustainability in Scandinavia lecture series which began as a conference at Harvard last year and grew into a network when the speakers attending realised that they had a lot to talk about, to discuss and to knowledge to exchange, have held their second conference, this time in Oslo. Thomas Nørgaard, partner and architect at CCO participated with a lecture on our sustainable projects.


More info HERE




We are looking for a team of talented interns for the autumn semester beginning August 2016.

You will become a part of a creative and informal work environment in an innovative office, located at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We focus on a holistic approach, where all aspects of a project are equally important, including sustainability on all levels. We expect that you are independent and engage in the creative discussions and work flow alongside other colleagues.


The position is paid.

Please mail portfolio and CV to: 

Niels Bohr topping-out


Today we celebrated all the construction workers on the building site of the future Niels Bohr Building with the traditional topping-out ceremony. With the topping-out the project reaches yet another milestone towards completion.


The new building for the Faculty of Science for The University of Copenhagen contains a complex combination of highly specialised laboratories.




Copenhagen Terminal Buildings A+ Finalist


We’re an A+Awards finalist - and you can help us become a winner!

Our Terminal buildings for Copenhagen Habor are nominated for the A+ Awards - the use of the terminals are divided in two functions: The terminals handle ‘turn-around’ cruise ships during the summer time and host concerts, cultural events and exhibitions off-season.


Vote for our project in the peoples choice awards Here

Gentofte Sports Park Inauguration


Friday saw the opening of the Gentofte Sports Park. Mayer of Gentofte opened the sports hall with the participation of the local sports clubs. The new sports hall is integrated in the hilly landscape and Arne Jacobsens 1936 masterplan, and provides an outdoor tribune to the adjacent football field.   


The new Gentofte Sports hall is made in collaboration with Nord architects, Balslev and built by C.C.Contractor.



CCO in Venice this summer


We are excited to participate in the 2016 Danish Pavilion, showcasing  a large spectrum of Danish architecture. This years Venice Bennale is the 15th and is curated by Pritzker Price winner Alejandro Aravena from Chile.The Danish pavilion will show how Danish architecture has responded to social, environmental and economic challenges, the themes behind Alejandro Arvenas main exhibition “Reporting from the Front”




A house is not an island


Last November 2015, CCO partner Thomas Nørgaard gave a talk on "Sustainability in Scandinavia" at Harvards Center for Green Buildings and Cities. Thomas explains the main drivers behind Christensen & Co´s endeavour to create user-friendly, sustainable buildings for the future.


To view click HERE

Generation House PQ


We are prequalified for the design competition to build a 23.500 m² multi-functional building on the harbor of Aarhus. Together with Contractor NCC, Kjaer & Richter architects, Labland Landscape and Niras.


The new building contains a nursery for 150 children and flats for pensioners. The aim is to create a hub where all ages come together and inspire each other.


New Partners & CEO at Christensen & Co


4 new partners will join founder Michael Christensen in a new expanded set up.


Michael Christensen will continue as creative partner, and Vibeke L. Lindblad has been appointed CEO and partner. Thomas Nørgaard, Mikkel H. Sørensen and Michael W. Larsen are also appointed new partners. All have been with Christensen & Co for a number of years.

New book on sustainable Nordic Built


Nordic Built and Nordic Innovation have published a new book showcasing sustainable buildings in the Nordic region. Christensen & Co are included with three of our projects; DTU-Compute B324, Soil Centre Copenhagen (KMC) and our future energy-plus nursery in Norway.


The book has been released for free download HERE

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


We are closed for the holiday season and but we will be back Monday the 4th January 2016. Untill then, happy holidays.

Next phase: Campus Albano Stockholm


Our project at Campus Albano has started on the building site, with the planting of an oak tree to symbolise the beginning of a new knowledge campus. The masterplan for the new Campus Albano contains 100.000 m² building mass and we have designed two new educational buildings covering 16.00 m² for The Univeristy of Stockholm in the Swedish capital.

Youth housing in Uppsala - Sweden


We are building 350 flats for students in Uppsala. Our project is placed close to green areas, sports complex and our USIF Tennis Arena from 2012. The flats are 27 m² to 38 m² each and feature large windows, balconies as well as a large communal roof  space, with a basket court, running track and recreational spaces


For more information on the project click HERE

Sustainability talk at Harvard


Come hear CCO´s Thomas Nørgaard in Boston - Thomas will talk about our holistic approach to sustainable projects at Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities.


The conference is a collaboration between Harvard and CINARAK - The Architecture School in Copenhagen and will feature a number of Scandinavian architecture companies. 




KTH Campus Stockholm - Building site


Building work for our new educational building has begun at KTH Campus in Stockholm. The first foundry of cement was laid for the educational home of the future architects and engineers




CCO wins 2 new education buildings


We have won the competition to design 2 new education- and laboratory buildings at Technical University Denmark (DTU). Our team comprises engineers Wessberg-Norconsult and Cubic Group.


The 2 new buildings are designed to fit smoothly into the existing masterplan and building topology at the campus in Lyngby and will be ready for students at the end of 2017.



The office is closed for summer holiday the next three weeks (week 29, 30 and 31)


Returning on Monday the 3. August.

Green Lighthouse amongst the best in the world


DesignCurial has made a survey of thousands of universities to find the most green university buildings in the world. Green Lighthouse and University of Copenhagen are ranked no. 5. Ranking is based on green architecture, innovative green technologies and other green initiatives the universities take part in.


See the list of the worlds top 10 Green Universities HERE





We are looking for a team of talented interns for the autumn semester 2015, beginning August/ September 2015. You will become a part of a creative and informal work environment in an innovative office, located at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We focus on a holistic approach where all aspects of a project are equally important, including sustainability on all levels. We expect that you are independent and engage in the creative discussions and work flow alongside other colleagues. The position is paid.
Please send portfolio and CV to:

Communication on progress (COP) 2015


We have submitted our 5th COP and we confirm our continued commitment and support to the Global Compact and the main issue; Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption. November 2014 welcomed a new CSR charter for the Danish Building industry, the establishment of The Danish Association for Responsible Construction, which aims to develop and promote social responsibility in the Danish property and construction sector. Christensen & Co was one of 40 founding companies to the charter.


Download our COP from The UN Global Compact webpage HERE

Nordic Green Building Council conference


Christensen & Co architects CEO Michael Christensen is participating in a panel discussion on architecture and sustainability at Nordic Green Building Councils 2-day conference at the DR-Concert hall in Oerstad, Copenhagen. The conference has attracted an inspiring number of international guest speakers for the 2 days of 27th and 28th April.


More information on the conference and program HERE

The living car park


The facade on our car park for Glostrup Hospital loves the sunshine and Danish spring. The bushy greenery is happily sprawling its way around the structure, intercepted by dashes of colour from the small wild flowers within the green.




CCO Wins Nursery competition in Norway


We have won the competition to design a new PlusEnergy nursery in Asker, part of Oslo. The project is part of the FutureBuilt collaboration between three Municipalities in Norway, to create climate friendly buildings with a high architectural quality. The nursery is created in collaboration with Engineers MOE Norway and Henrik Sørensen from Henrik-Innovation. Amongst the competing architects were Snøhetta, Ratio, PIR II, Lala Tøyen og Skajaa.





Welcome 2015 – CCO prequalified in Finland


The New Year begins with the fantastic news of prequalification for the competition to design the brand new Myllypuro Campus in Helsinki, Finland together with collaborators Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Arkkitehdit (FIN).


Myllupuro Campus will be a part of the Metropolia, which is re-structuring and centralizing close to twenty campuses to four locations in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The new Myllypuro Campus will cover 50.000 and cater for 6000 students. 8 teams are prequalified.


Happy Holidays


We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Thank you to collaborators at home and abroad, we look forward to an exciting 2015.


The office is closed from Monday the 22. December, but we are back and ready for 2015 on Monday the 5th January.

Phase 1 Winners - New Hospital Bispebjerg


Our team consisting of COWI, NORDIC (N), AART, Marianne Levinsen and Christensen & Co, are among the winners of the first phase of the competition for the acute admissions unit for the New Hospital Bispebjerg in Copenhagen, covering 78.000 m². Three teams, out of seven, has been chosen for phase 2. A final winner is announced by summer 2015.

CCO WINs new university project in Sweden


We have won the competition to design the new University building for Linnéuniversity in Kalmar, Sweden. The new building will cover 19.000 m² and is part of a major rebuilt at the University Campus in Kalmar. The vision is to create a modern international campus, well integrated in the city of Kalmar. Our new building will welcome students in the summer 2018. 



We are looking for a team of talented architectural interns for the spring semester 2015, beginning January 2015. You will become a part of a creative and informal work environment in an innovative office, located at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We focus on a holistic approach, where all aspects of a project are equally important, including sustainability on all levels. We expect that you are independent and engage in the creative discussions and work flow alongside other colleagues. The position is paid.

Send portfolio and CV to: 

We are nominated for The Kasper Salin Prize


We are proud to be nominated for The Kasper Salin Prize 2014 in Sweden. The price is awarded annually to a building of high architectural standard by the Swedish Association of Architects, and has been awarded since 1962. It is considered to be the most prestigious architectural prize in Sweden.




Sunhouse Kindergarden Exhibited in China


Our climate friendly nursery Sunhouse is part of the exhibition ´Putting People First´ in Beijing. The exhibition showcases Danish architecture from 1945 to today.


´Putting People First´ tells the story of the physical settings of Danish life in the years from 1945 to 1975, the years when the welfare state was taking shape in Denmark and showing how contemporary Danish architects still build on the ideals and values.

Art in our new City Hall


The artwork has been installed in and around the new City Hall in Lund. It is British artist Liam Gillick who has provided the pieces placed in the front of the main building and at the entrance on the ground floor. The artwork appears as black shapes which are integrated in the landscape and tumbles into the building - with multiple functions – shelves as well as benches.




NIELS BOHR Building progression


The building site has been cleared and is ready for action on the northern campus of The University of Copenhagen. The new Niels Bohr Building will provide a profound upgrade and modernisation of the research facilities at departments at The Faculty of Science. The building will cover 50.000 m² is expected to open in 2017.




NAVITAS ready for school


Navitas is ready to open its doors for students and employees from the start of the academic year 2014/15. School of Engineering Aarhus University, Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering and INCUBA Science Park will each occupy a corner of the star shaped building, and blend in for optimal mingling and cross socializing in the center of each floor, united by a large atrium on the ground floor. The public underground car park is also ready for business.




Communication on Progress (COP) 2014


CCO has been a signature of the UN Global Compact initiative since 2010. The world´s largest CSR initiative addresses fundamental principles regarding human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. As part of our engagement we submit an annual Communication on Progress and the 2014 version can be found HERE


Opening: Our charity project in South Africa


The small project to build a foster home for 20-40 children in town of Alldays, in the province of Limpopo celebrated the near completion, with festivities and the local children. In addition to the foster home the building will have a kitchen, which will cater for 200 local children from a nearby school.




Opening: New City Hall in Lund


On a sunny day in southern Sweden, our new office and administration building in Lund officially opened its doors to 500 employees from Lund Municipality. The building has an extremely green profile and will be responsible for the daily servicing of the citizens of Lund Municipality.


More information on the new city hall HERE

Prequalified for Life Science project in Oslo, Norway


Together with collaborators; NORDIC (N), COWI, NORCONSULT and SLA, CCO has been prequalified for the competition to design the new Life Science Building for the University of Oslo (UiO Livsvitenskao). 32 teams applied for prequalification and 7 has been chosen to bid. The project covers 66.700 m² research and education.

Prequalified for the New Bispebjerg Hospital


CCO has been prequalified for the competition to find the team for the new Emergency admissions and urgent care centre for Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen. We are in a team with COWI, NORDIC (N), AART and Marianne Levinsen Landscape and the project comprises 78.000 m².


Seven team are prequalified, for a full list (scroll to bottom of page) click HERE

Hundertwasser and architecture at ARKEN


At Danish Museum of Contemporary Art; ARKEN, you can step into the colorful world of Austrian artist and eco activist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The exhibition includes a look at his green architecture philosophy and is showing a number of contemporary architectural projects including our project DTU-Compute. Hundertwasser whose colorful paintings are well known had a keen interest in green architecture, sustainability and urban gardening. His life philosophy entailed creating harmony between nature and human.


For more information ARKEN

´Behind The Green Door´ at Danish Architecture Centre


Behind The Green Door which was curated by Rotor for The Oslo Triennial in 2013, opens this week at Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) in Copenhagen. The exhibition focuses on artifacts which have inspired the fruition of sustainable and green architecture and design, and is one of three exhibits opening this week at DAC.


For more information click HERE

CCO to design new Ice Ring in Copenhagen


We have won the competition to design the new Ice rink for Ørestad in Copenhagen.Together with engineers Wessberg, Landscape architects PK3 and Ice ring specialist Vida Havellen from Norconsult in Norway.


The new Ice ring is placed next to the future Copenhagen Arena in Ørestad and will be app. 6000 m².

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Happy Holidays to everyone, with a fresh new image from our new project in Alldays – the province of Lompopo, South Africa. The new school will educate young people from Allday. Limpopo is one of the poorest provinces in South Africa, and we are immensely proud to have taken part in this charity project.


CCO will be closed from the 23 December till 2. January 2014

Exhibition: NAVITAS in Berlin


CCO and Kjær & Richter Architects are showing our project NAVITAS in the exhibition; Create With Aarhus, showcasing Urban development in Aarhus, - Denmark´s second largest city. The exhibition opens tomorrow, until the 6th January, in The Nordic Embassy, Rauchstraße 1, 10787 Berlin-Tiergarten, and will present the various new buildings appearing around Aarhus in the coming years.


Click for more information on NAVITAS

New education building for KTH, Stockholm


Our design brief for our new building at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden is now finalized, for the new educational building on the old campus in the middle of Stockholm. We won the competition to design a new building for engineering studies earlier in 2013 and have been through a thorough development process in close collaboration with the end users, which has helped shape the tailor made design for the education.

Nordic Architects Ebbs & Flows


CCO are featured in the new book on new buildings from architects across the Nordic countries. The book is the second volume from Swedish publishers Arvinius+Orfeus, edited by David Sokol. The book features work from 60 leading Nordic architects. CCO is represented through the projects Green Lighthouse, DTU-Buildingdesign (127) and New City Hall, Lund.

Charity Project in South Africa


CCO has joined the project to design a school building in the city of Alldays, placed in northern South Africas poorest province Limpopo. The school project, which is initiated by Leif Ramqvist and Rosendal Fastigheter, aim to teach young people different handicraft skills, the municipality will help find the youngsters further job opportunities or further education.  As part of the initiative, the project also ensures medical help, food and access to clean water for the children of Alldays.

Roskilde Technical School


Our project for the new Technical School just outside Roskilde opened its doors for the students, teachers and administrative personnel. The school offers a number of technical subjects – and subjects as varied as hairdressing, IT Computer skills and carpentry.  The school is placed next to the field hosting the Roskilde Music Festival each July.





Opening Oslo Architecture Triennial


Last week saw the opening of the 2013 Oslo Architecture Triennial and  Rick Bell, Executive Center for Architecture, AIA New York Chapter – send us a lovely little installation view from the exhibit of  Green Lighthouse. The picture is shown together with an animation explaining the green features and design solutions incorporated in Green Lighthouse.

Gazelle 2013 - Third consecutive year


CCO has been appointed Gazelle for the third year running. Signifying a company in growth. Inspired by American economist David Birch, Gazelles are identified as company´s large enough to encompass competitive advantages whilst simultaneously being small enough to manage dynamic changeability.

New CCO Sports Arena


Our new Sports Arena in Copenhagen is due to open on 14th September, which marks a day of festivities in the Christianshavn part of Copenhagen, where also the famous Free Town of Christiana is placed. The new arena is sustainable and is placed along the narrow river, clearly visible in its bright red building envelope.





Roskilde Technical School ready to welcome students and staff


Our brand new building for Roskilde Technical School is ready to welcome students at the beginning of the academic year. The building will offer one communal campus for the varied courses taught at the Technical School and sits in the beautiful landscape just outside Roskilde to the north of Copenhagen

Summer holiday


CCO would like to extend our warmest holiday greetings.


We are tuning out and the phones will be off for the weeks 29, 30 and 31.

But, we switch on again, Monday the 5th August – refreshed and rebooted.

Party at the building site in Lund


We were invited to a party at the building site of our future City Hall in Lund. There were horn blowers, speeches and layered sandwich-cake, a traditional Swedish delicacy which layers a number of differed fillings. The new City Hall in Lund, will become the most green City Hall in Sweden and opens its doors to the public next year



Ground breaking at Ringsted New Sports Hall


Today marked the ground breaking at our Sports Hall in Ringsted. Mayor in Ringsted, Niels Ulrich Hermansen and School Principal Lene Eilertsen did the honours.Today marked the ground breaking at our Sports Hall in Ringsted. Mayor in Ringsted, Niels Ulrich Hermansen and School Principal Lene Eilertsen did the honors. The new Sports Hall will cover 2000m² and is expected to be ready by the end of 2013.

CCO WIN in Stockholm


We have won the competition to design the new educational building for the Swedish Royal Technical University; KTH in Stockholm. KTH is the largest, oldest and most international technical university in Sweden. Our new building covers 3500 m² and will occupy a central place on campus in Stockholm with the aim to provide KTH with a modern, innovative environment for the education of the future.

Green Lighthouse exhibited at ECOBUILD


Green Lighthouse is exhibited at the world’s biggest event for sustainable design ECOBUILD in London´s Excel centre. The Nordic Innovation Pavilion showcases sustainable and innovative designs from Denmark and Sweden, hosted by the Danish Embassy in London.

Musholm resort animation


As part of the competition proposal for The Musholm resort extension we have created a small animation to explain part of the proposal; The Multi arena. The competition was won by AART architects and we look forward to see the fruition of their proposal. Read more to view our animation.


CCO nominated for building of the year award in Sweden


Our new Tennis Hal, SEB arena in Uppsala, has been nominated for the Swedish building industry´s; Building of the year award. Each year a number of new buildings are identified to compete for the prestigious award.

Link is in Swedish only and provides more information on the sentiments behind the nomination of the Tennis Hal. Click HERE to go to Swdish on-line building industry web page.

New Multi-story car-park WON


We have, in collaboration with E. Pihl & Son and Grontmij, won the competition to build a new multi-story car-park for Glostrup Hospital, north of Copenhagen, containing 400 parking spaces. The hospital is currently expanding and renewing the complex and the new car-park will add to the modernization of the area. The sustainable car-park has solar panels incorporated along the façade and its sustainability focus ensures a minimal carbon footprint.

Move-In day at DTU Compute


Today the students and administrative personnel started moving into our new building at Denmark´s Technical University (DTU). The new research and educational building will house the institute for Mathematic & Computer science. The large indoor trees has been planted in the floors of the new building, they will help create a healthy environment with good indoor climate for all the daily users.  


Facade cladding for Roskilde Technical School


Our new building for Roskilde Technical School has been dressed for the cold. The Galvanized Steel façade is in place and the building is nearing completion. The students will arrive for the autumn term and we can´t wait to see the building full of life when Roskilde Technical School merges under one roof, for the first time in its history.


The indoor trees have arrived at DTU Compute


The trees, which will help the building breathe and create a healthy indoor climate, are being planted in the floor at our new education and research buildin DTU Compute (Building 324) at Denmark´s Technical University (DTU) Lyngby Campus. The tallest trees are 8 meters high. The trees are visible through the transparent façade and create a fluid continuous visual concept of incorporating the landscape inside the building.


Welcome 2013


We wish everyone a happy New Year with this brand new photo from Navitas, which is, slowly but surely, edging towards completion on the harbor front in Aarhus.

We are extremely excited about the New Year as it will see a number of new CCO buildings emerge. The very first will be the new Sustainable building for Denmark´s Technical University, the indoor threes which will help the building breathe will be delivered new week, so stay tuned for pictures of our 30 new stars.



CCO are closed for Christmas and New Year, we will be back on the 2nd January 2013.

We wish everyone Happy holidays.

CCO and NORD architects WINs Gentofte Sports Park


In a team consisting of NORD architects, Kragh & Berglund Landscape, engineers Balslev and Oluf Jørgensen has CCO won the competition to design the new extension to Gentofte Sports Park Phase 3. The Sports Part is located to the north of Copenhagen and the project encompasses a new arena, communal areas and outdoor sports facilities.

Green Buildings Pay


Green Lighthouse is part of the third edition of ´Green Buildings Pay´ which examines how different approaches to green design can produce more sustainable patterns for the development of future buildings. Green Lighthouse is one of 20 case studies examined.  Written by Brian Edwards Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Edinburgh University and Emanuele Naboni, associate Professor of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of architecture, Design & Conservation. The book is published by Routledge.

Carlsberg go-ahead


The Carlsberg project, designed in close architectural collaboration between CCO, VLA, COBE, NORD and EFFEKT, has now been given the go-ahead. The 80.000 m² project includes residency, offices, shops and a large educational campus for Danish UCC, further education studies, encompassing around 10.000 students. The UCC campus will cover around 55.000 m².


Zero-energy Environmental Centre - Topping-out


We are currently eating our way through a large amount of organic sausages on numerous sod cutting ceremonies for our projects. The sausages represent a special Danish tradition. The zero-energy Environmental Centre for Copenhagen’s new Northern quarter by the sea comes with a resplendent grass covered roof. It will house administrative personal and workshops.



CCO wins European Business Award


We have been awarded National Champions in the Environment and Corporate Sustainability category.  The award was announced at a cocktail reception at the British Ambassordor; Ms Vivien Life´s residence in Copenhagen, Ms Life presented CCO´s director Michael Christensen with the award.


Prequalification for New Hospital Hvidovre


We have been prequalified for the competition to design the 30.000 m² extension to Hvidovre Hospital, in a team encompassing Nordic Architecture from Norway as well as Danish collaborators; Tredje Natur, Wessberg and MidtConsult.  Seven teams are prequalified including architectural companies; HOK, C. F. Møller, White architects and Schmidt,hammer,lassen.

For more information on the New Hospital Hvidovre click here

Navitas - Topping out ceremony


We celebrated the traditional topping out ceremony of Navitas on the harbor front of Aarhus. The 38.500 m² large educational building will welcome students and staff in the summer 2014. They will work and study in the brand new modern, sustainable facilities with seascape views to one side as well as overlooking the city of Aarhus. Navitas is developed in design collaboration between CCO and Aarhus based architects Kjaer & Richter.


Topping-out in Roskilde


Roskilde Technical School celebrated the traditional topping-out ceremony. The new educational building at the Musicon area in Roskilde just outside Copenhagen, welcomes 3000 students to a number of further education subjects in the summer semester 2013.



New dawn for NAVITAS


NAVITAS is appearing into the fresh air at the harbor front in Aarhus. Christensen & Co. and Kjær & Richter architects have designed the star shaped building. Covering app. 40.000 m² including a public underground parking facility. NAVITAS will house School of Engineering Aarhus University, Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering and INCUBA Science Park.




Green Lighthouse in Genève exhibition


Green Lighthouse is representing Denmark at The World Habitat Day 2012 exhibition showing in Genève until the 15th October. Titled  Building the Future We Want the exhibition showcases sustainable buildings from European countries at the UN complex in Genève.


For information on the buildings represented in the exhibition, go to the UNECE webpage.

The Prime Minister of South Korea visits Green Lighthouse


A South Korean delegation, on an official visit to Copenhagen, visited Green Lighthouse to hear about the sustainable initiatives in the building.  CCO´s Michael Christensen, along with representatives from the Danish government, University of Copenhagen and VELUX, explained the design parameters to Prime Minister Mr. Kim Hwuang-sik.


CCO opens Sustainable Tennis arena in Sweden


SEB USIF Arena in Uppsala, Sweden is now open. The arena will house the local Tennis club as well as Basket, Paddle Tennis and Squash. The 7000 m² sedum covered roof ensures that the arena fits snugly into the beautiful woodland surroundings of the area, on the outskirts of Uppsala.

More info on the Arena here

Gazelle 2012


For the second year running, CCO are honored to be appointed a Gazelle by Danish business paper Børsen. Signifying a company in growth, inspired by American economist David Birch, Gazelles are identified as company´s large enough to encompass competitive advantages and simultaneously being small enough to manage dynamic changeability.

Prequalification for Gentofte Sports Park


We have been prequalified for the competition to design Fase 3 of the Gentofte Sports Park, north of Copenhagen. Our team includes; NORD architects, Kragh & Berglund Landscape and engineers BALSLEV and Oluf Jørgensen. Fase 3 comprises open stadium and tribune, sports hall, parking and outdoor facilities for the community and local schools.

Prequalification for new Cultural Center and Library


Together with Marianne Levinsen Landscape, Active City Transformation and engineers Grontmij, CCO has been prequalified for the competition for the future Culture Centre and Library at Tingbjerg, a multicultural area in the Northern part of Copenhagen. The Culture Centre is expected to become a social beacon for the area, offering a range of activities to the community.  

7000 m² sedum roof covering CCOs Tennis hall


The sedum roofing is nearly in place and soon the hollow sound of racket hitting the ball will ring round the light airy new tennis hall in Uppsala, Sweden. CCO has designed the 7000 m² large arena with a curved roof to signify the flight of a tennis ball through the air. The arena opens 1st of September and will house USIF tennis club.




Prequalified for Musholm resort extension


CCO, PK3 Landscape architects and consultants Lone Sigbrand and AKT design has been prequalified for the design competition for a new 3200 m² extension to the tranquil holiday resort; Musholm Bay on the Danish Island of Funen, in the West Zealand Coastal Belt. Musholm Bay Holiday Resort is one of the most accessible resorts in Europe for disabled. The extension will include a multi-purpose hall, several apartments and training facilities, as well as kitchen and dining facilities.

Roskilde Technical School emerging


The future Roskilde Technical School is emerging from the ground in a field on the outskirts of Roskilde. The 5.700 m² covering 4 floors opens its shiny new doors to students and employees in August 2013, for the autumn term. The school covers a range of technical further education subjects which are currently spread throughout the city of Roskilde, the new building assembles them all under one roof.


CCO watch tower to welcome Copenhagen visitors


In connection to our project to design the cruise ship terminals on the new habour front at the north end of Copenhagen, we have designed a public watch tower to welcome visitors from the sea, as they approach Copenhagen. The new habour will cater for the large cruise ships as they dock in Copenhagen before sailing to foreign shores. The tower will stand at 8 meters, with views to the old habour of Copenhagen.



Christensen & Co. architects are off on summer holiday and the office is closed during the weeks; 28, 29 and 30. Returning on Monday the 30th July, - refreshed and ready for what may come.


We wish everyone a fantastic summer.

CCO wins Campus Ringsted sports hall


CCO, Marianne Levinsen Landscape Architects and engineers Grontmij has been announced as winner of the competition to design the new sports hall for Campus Ringsted, - south of Copenhagen. The future sports hall will combine design, sustainability and outdoor areas to combine the new building with its existing surroundings. Sports activities and communal social gatherings will be supported with this new addition to Campus in Ringsted.


Sunhouse Nursery and Green Lighthouse on show at Louisiana


CCO are exhibiting at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art´s new architecture exhibition; New Nordic - Architecture & Identity. The exhibition, which runs from 29 June – 21 October, attempts to reveal whether certain special ‘Nordic’ features recur in architecture, and whether this involves a fundamental formal idiom that is regularly reinterpreted. Can one, despite the tendency of globalization to erase national and cultural differences, still understand identity as something that is associated with particular places?


CCO wins masterplan competition


CCO has won the masterplan competition; Ejby Business area, together with Dutch Landscape architects OKRA, Active City Transformation and Smith Innovation. Ejby Business area covers 70 ha and the proposal includes sustainable visions for landscape, traffic and business strategy.

The competition included Fosters + Partners with Danish company 1:1 architects and Entasis.

Green Lighthouse on Sustainia100 list


Green Lighthouse is part of Velux Model Home 2020 which has just been selected for the Sustainia100 list. The 100 projects were made public at the Rio+20 summit in Rio de Janeiro. Sustainia aims to showcase a sustainable world that’s possible today. Everything in Sustainia is built 100% on solutions. Solutions that exist right now. Click here for more information on Sustainia100 or listen to CCO director Michael Christensen talk about Green Lighthouse

Show Me Your Model at DAC


We are exhibiting two projects at Danish Architecture Centre´s (DAC) summer exhibition Show Me Your Model.  DTU-building 324 the new sustainable educational building, with trees growing inside to help the building breathe thus ensuring a good indoor climate, and Carlsberg Station the project designed together with VLA, COBE, EFFEKT and Nord architects. The exhibition showcases the working process and how the model serves as a tool to clarify the design decisions. Around 20 Danish architecture companys will have models on display.  


Topping out at DTU-Building 324


Today we celebrated the topping out ceremony at our sustainable building 324, Denmark´s Technical University, Lyngby Campus. The building is 4000  m² and includes education, research and administration facilities. One of the innovative sustainability features in the building is 30 indoor trees which will help the building breathe and create a healthy indoor environment. The building will be ready by the end of 2013.


CCO wins new project for Allerød FC


In a team with contractors Jönsson and engineers Dines Jørgensen, CCO has won the competition to design a new clubhouse and stand for Allerød Football Club. The triangular-shaped stand and clubhouse signals an end to the familiar container style clubhouse and will be a recognisable signpost for the club. The clubhouse is designed as a modern backdrop to the activities on the field.   

European Business Awards nomination


We have been nominated in the category; Environment and Corporate Sustainability. The Award considers business operations in a social, cultural, economic and environmental context. Valuing employee and eco-friendly issues whilst looking beyond the legislative requirements and endeavor to improve a company's green credentials through innovation and moral modernisation. The European Business Awards has honored European business since 2007, promoting business within the European community.

Sunhouse Nursery in book on Kindergarten Architecture


Our climate friendly kindergarten is featured in a new publication featuring kindergartens. The book focuses on healthy climate friendly kindergartens from all over the world, in a quest to identify the kindergartens of the future. Scanning the physical environment for children, in far flung places, raging from Australia, Asia and throughout Europe.

Green Lighthouse in new Phaidon book


Green Lighthouse is featured in the new Phaidon book ´VITAMIN GREEN´. The book travels the world for innovative sustainable design and architecture. Featuring projects raging from 111 Navy Chair, - build from 111 empty plastic bottles to Diller Scofidio + Renfro´s New York ´High Line´.

Phaidon previously published ´Vitamin P´- painters and ´Vitamin Ph´- photographers in the same series.

New competition


The competition feet are stoomping - We have been prequalified for the 3rd competition in two weeks, the redevelopment and renovation of Klostermark School. The school dates back to 1963 and was originally designed by Danish architect  Henning Larsen. We are part of a team consisting of; E. Pihl & Son, Henry Jensen A/S and Marianne Levinsen Landscape.

Prequalification for new Sports hall


We have been prequalified for the competition to design a new Sports hall at Campus Ringsted, south west of Copenhagen. The new sports hall will cover 1750  m² and will be a modern facility with a high level of incorporated sustainable measures.

CCO are lead consultant with Marianne Levinsen Landscape and Engineers Grontmij.

Nursery prequalification


We are prequalified for the competition to build a new nursery in Copenhagen. The Saxtorphsvej nursery will cover 1.600 m² and house children aged 7 month till 5 years. We are in a team consisting of Contractors NHH, Kragh & Berglund Landscape and engineers Rambøll.

CCO part of expanding Copenhagen


CCO is designing a new cruise ship terminal and port at Nordhavn, the new quarter of Copenhagen. The cruise port area is 1,1 km long and 70 m wide and will cater for the cruise ships docking in Copenhagen. During the off season, the port area will be open to the public; skaters, bikers and pedestrians will have access to the long port and the terminal will be used for arts and culture events. When the Nordhavn project is finished in 10 years, Copenhagen will have expanded with 1%.

CCO win 40.000m2 project


Together with engineers COWI, Rørbæk & Møller architects, Wessberg and Schul Landscape architects, CCO was announced as winners of the competition to design the new research and educational building for Technical University Denmark. The new building will house DTU-Aqua, DTU Veterinary and DTU-Food engineering. The laboratory heavy programme will cover 40.000 m2 at the Lyngby Campus.


Nursery competition WON


CCO, Kerstin Johansson Landscape and engineers Rambøll, has won the competition to design a new nursery on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. The new nursery will house between 80 and 150 children, and will be located on a piece of land sitting beautifully on the harbourside approach to Copenhagen.

WINNERS: New educational building at DTU


CCO, engineers Alectia and contractors E. Pihl & Son has won the competition to design a new educational building at Technical University Denmark (DTU), Lyngby Campus. The new building covers 2000 m2 and will house a brand new line of education at DTU, a mix of engineering and building designers, with a focus on sustainability. The building will welcome new students from the summer 2013.

Roskilde Technical School


Building work has now begun in earnest on our project for the future Roskilde Technical School. The traditional laying of the first stone was showered in sunshine on a beautiful day in Roskilde, just outside Copenhagen. The further educationl school, will welcome the first students after the summer break of 2013.

Exciting competition for Campus Bornholm


CCO and COBE have joined forces and are prequalified for the competition to design new build and extension at Campus Bornholm,  The campus is in the capital Rønne on the Danish island Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea. COBE is an international architectural office based in Copenhagen and Berlin, CCO and COBE are currently collaborating on the project Carlsberg redevelopment and new build Lot#8.

SLA Landscape and Engineers Wessberg completes the team.

Navitas emerging


The parking lot below ground is finished and soon the star shaped Navitas will emerge from the mess of the current building site on the harbor in Aarhus. The new low energy educational complex, covering 35.000m2, will welcome 2000 students in 2014.

Prequalified for new train station


CCO, EFFEKT, COBE, NORD and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects has been prequalified, together for the competition to design the new train station which will cater for residents, students  and visitors at the Carlsberg redevelopment project in Copenhagen.

Amongst the competition to win are; Entasis, Public Architects and Henning Larsen Architects.

LEED Gold for Green Lighthouse


CCO´s Green Lighthouse is the first building in Denmark to received LEED gold certification. The building houses the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen. Green Lighthouse was a showcase for sustainable buildings at the UN climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009 (COP15). The building is based on a whole new energy concept experiment and 70% of the reduction of the energy consumption is the direct consequence of the architectural design. 

Urban competition prequalification


Together with OKRA (NL), Active City Transformation and Smith Innovation, CCO has been prequalified for the competition for Ejby -Sustainable Urban development in Glostup, just outside Copenhagen. The competition is part the Realdania inivtiative Suburbs for the future. Our team is one of three prequalified teams, the two others are headed by Danish architects Entasis. UK firm Fosters + partners together with 1:1 architects from Denmark.

Roskilde Technical School – building site


CCO´s project Roskilde Technical School is starting to take shape, ever so slightly. The foundation has been laid for the school, which will assemble various technical disciplines under one roof in Roskilde. Today the school is spread out on several locations and the new building will create a visionary, challenging and significant vision of how the school's various educational strands can co-exist. 3000 students will occupy the 5.690 m2 in the first stage.

City hall prequalification


Together with Kragh & Berglund Landscape architects and Engineers COWI, CCO has been prequalified for the exciting competition to design a New City Hall on the Danish island of Bornholm.

Bornholm is 227 sq meters, with a population of app. 42.000 and is located in the Baltic Sea, making it the most eastern outpost of Denmark. The New City hall is to be built in the capital; Rønne.

New prequalification


February welcomes another prequalification for CCO.
Together with NORD architects and Engineers Grontmij, CCO have been invited to the competition for two new nurseries in Copenhagen. The new nurseries cover app. 2000m2.

Prequalified for New Educational Building


The competition team will be busy, as yet another prequalification tickles in: In a team counting engineers ALECTIA and contractor E. Pihl & Son, CCO has been prequalified for Denmark´s Technical University – Lyngby Campus´ new educational building.

Lyngby Campus, to the north of Copenhagen, is undergoing a huge transformation with a number of new buildings in the pipeline, including state of the art laboratories and futuristic research environments.

Prequalified for Campus Vejle


Together with Ravn Architecture, Møller og Grønborg Landscape and Engineers Ramboll, CCO are prequalified for the new educational building at Vejle Campus, covering 5000 m2.

The campus, on the east coast of Jutland, offers higher education  for more than 2000 students, specializing in IT, finance, commercial sector and service industries.

Sushi – CCO style


With the successful opening of the first Sushi of Sweden, the healthy food choice for the busy is ready to take to the road. Sushi of Sweden will cater for both sit down and drive-in and is expected to be the first in a chain of restaurants offering a healthy fast food alternative. CCO are responsible for design of the building and interior.


Exhibition; Drawing by Drawing


CCO´s Michael Christensen participates in the international exhibition in honor of the late Svein Tønsager, architect and teacher at Aarhus Architecture School. The international exhibition at Danish Architecture Centre includes; Lebbeus Woods, Michael Sorkin, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Steven Holl, Peter Cook, CJ Lim, Christine Hawley, Zaha Hadid, Peter Wilson.


Welcome 2012


The New Year is off to a flying start.

We have been PREQUALIFIED for the turnkey competition for the New City Hall and Health Centre, in Egedal north of Copenhagen. CCO has teamed up with Enemærke & Petersen, Kjaer & Richter architects, engineers ISC and Esbensen, as well as landscape company Land+

Prequalification for new Chemistry building


We have been prequalified for a new chemistry building with laboratory at Denmark´s Technical University. The new building, which will be connected to existing buildings on campus, will comprise wet and dry laboratories. CCO are lead consultant in a strong team, also counting; Jørn Langvad Architects, Marianne Levinsen Landscape and engineers ALECTIA.

City Hall, Lund


The building process on our future City Hall in Lund, Sweden, has started. The very traditional ceremony was kicked off by the Mayor of Lund; Mats Helmfrid who lead the golden spade.

The building will become one of the most sustainable City halls in Sweden, and will house administration and citizens Advice Bureau.


Rosendal Tennis Hall in Uppsala, Sweden


The spectacular curved roofs on CCO´s tennis hall in Uppsala, are taking shape on the building site. The 7200m2 tennis hall sits on the outskirts of a beautiful woodland area. The curved roofs will have grass on top, in order to blend in with the tranquil surroundings.  


Artist commissioned for CCO´s City Hall, Lund


The British artist Liam Gillick has been commissioned to provide an artwork for our future City Hall in Lund. Gillick is an artist based in London and New York, who graduated from Goldsmiths University of London in 1987. He has exhibited extensively and is represented in the permanent collections of Tate in London and MOMA in New York. Liam Gillick has also been nominated for both the British Turner Prize and the European Vincent Award.

For more information on Lund City Hall

The foundation has been laid...


… for our new research and educational building at Denmark´s Technical University (DTU). Sustainable, social and technologic solutions work together in the building, which is designed as a low energy building. Using a revolutionary new hybrid ventilation system, whereby all air is transported through conventional ventilation shafts, run by a heat recovery system combining the natural flow of the air and a small support engine fitted on the roof.

Seminar discussing future learning and research environments


Christensen & Co. architects specialize in designing learning and research environments. In our continuous quest to create innovative, exciting new education and research facilities, we invited Jens Dolin and Sebastian Horst, from Department of Science Education at The University of Copenhagen and Kristian Kreiner, professor at Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School, to a seminar at our office. The aim was to discuss concepts for the future innovative learning and research environments.


Green Growth Leaders conference in Copenhagen


Michael Christensen, director at Christensen & Co. architects wil take part in the Green Growth Leaders conference in Copenhagen, October 12-13th. The two day event includes workshops, site visits and panel discussions. Michael has been invited to sit on the expert panel at the workshop titled; ´Sustainable Living in Buildings´. Participants at the conference includes Connie Hedegaard, EU commissioner for Climate Action and Richard Florida, author of the best-seller´The Rise of the Creative Class´

For more information: Green Growth Leaders

Lund City Hall get go ahead for construction


Lund city council has voted to go ahead with Christensen & Co. architects future town hall for the southern Swedish city. The building includes a citizen service centre, offices and restaurant with a roof terrace overlooking the historical city. The building has a very ambitious green profile meaning that the building will only use a fraction of the energy normally consumed by a building of this type. It is due for completion in 2012.

We have been appointed Gazelle 2011


Christensen & Co. architects has been appointed Gazelle 2011 by Danish newspaper Borsen.The paper has appointed Gazelles in Denmark since 1995, inspired by American economist David Birch. In terms of growth generation Birch divided companies into; Elephants, Mouse and Gazelles. Gazelle are companies that experiences an extended period of rapid growth.


CCO to design new sports hall in Copenhagen


CCO, Ramboll Engineers and 1:1 Landscape architects will join forces to design a new multifunctional sports hall for the Christianshavns area of Copenhagen. The new sports hall, nabouring a number of creative educational institutions to one side and the Opera to the other. It will bring indoor sporting possibilities to this the part of Copenhagen - also housing the famous freetown of Christiania.

The new sportshall is scheduled for completion early 2013.

Zero-energy Environmental Centre


From 2012 Christensen & Co. architect's building for the new northern part of Copenhagen harbor, will house staff at the Environmental Centre. The zigzag shaped building, with grass roofing, will have solar panels and photovoltaic cells, incorporated in its distinct architecture.


Navitas on Aarhus habour front


The star shape of Navitas, the future School of Engineering Aarhus University, Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, INCUBA Science Park and public parking space, is starting to show. The habour of Aarhus is bustling with building sites, in addition to Navitas, both the future Mulimediahouse and Danish clothing company Bestseller have active building sites.


Three building sites in Uppsala


Work has begun on three of CCO´s projects in Uppsala. Rosendal Tennis club, Rosendal residential housing – overlooking the tennis club and a new chain of sustainable designed Sushi drive-in restaurants. Sushi of Sweden opens this autumn.

CCO is behind the building design and interior on all three projects.

Back and ready to roar


Back from the holiday, and straight off the press, a new prequalification for a nursery competition. The new sustainable nursery, the buttercup, will house app. 180 children aged 0-6 years old.

Our team is; CCO, Ramboll Engineering and Schul landscape architects.

Nobel Peace Prize winner 2004, Wangari Maathai visits Green Lighthouse


Michael Christensen, director at CCO, was in fine company at the Green Lighthouse where he showed Professor Wangari Maathai and Katherine Richardson, Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen the green features of the CO2 neutral building. With her organazation Green Belt Movement, Professor Maathai has assisted women in planting more than 40 million trees on community lands, she was the first African woman to receive The Nobel Peace Prize. 

Carlsberg competition winners announced.


The team consisting of Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Christensen & Co architects, COBE, EFFEKT and Nord Architects has been announced as winners of the competition for Lot#8 - the redevelopment and new build on the Carlsberg site in the heart of Copenhagen. Danish Beer Company Carlsberg decided to move the production of beer from Copenhagen to Fredericia in 2006. More than 160 years of brewing had come to an end, paving the way for new possibilities in the area. The project covers 80.000m2 new build, residential and education and redevelopment of 7.500m2.

Prequalification for Technical University of Denmark


We have been prequalified for the project covering 30.000m2. In a team consisting of engineers COWI, Rørbæk & Møller architects, Schul Landscape architects and Wessberg.The complex project includes laboratories, offices and meeting rooms and stables for animals.

Amongst the competition are; C. F. Møller architects, Arkitema, Erik Møller, Henning Larsen architects and BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group. 


Visit from Cornell University


The Department of Design & Environmental Analysis College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, NY came by the office today.
15 enthusiastic students were in Copenhagen to learn about the latest in green design and sustainability in the built environment.

Brand new CCO Museum sees the day


The Danish Road and Bridge Museum is located in Holbaek, near Copenhagen and will disseminate the story of road and bridges in Denmark. The Museum sits beautifully on a field in the outskirts of Holbaek. With its rusty-red colored steel facade leading visitors towards  the entrance.


CCO support Architects Without Borders


We support Architects Without Borders, the Danish branch of the worldwide organization Architecture Sans Frontiers. The humanitarian organization has projects in developing countries such as; Africa and India. But also in Denmark highlighting the plight of the refugees in Danish asylum centres.

For more information go to the website Architecture Without Borders

Green Lighthouse makes a livable city__


Green Lighthouse is exhibited at Danish Architecture Centre´s summer exhibition; “What makes a livable city__” . The exhibition highlights new architecture and urban development in Copenhagen. It is an expanded version of the official Danish contribution to the 12th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia in 2010.
The exhibition opens 10 June and can be seen until 23 October 2011 at Danish Architecture Centre in Strandgade 27b. 1401 Copenhagen.

CCO wins competition for new sports hall


CCO has won the competition for the expansion of The Roskilde Sports Halls. The competition project, which was made ​​in collaboration with Jönsson and Wessberg Ing., includes  5000 m2 of new sports hall, café, restaurant, changing rooms and meeting rooms. 6 teams were invited to the competition.

COP uploaded


Our first Communication on Progress (COP) has now been uploaded on the UN Global Compact website. A year after joining the worlds largest CSR community. View CCO´s COP


CCO - 5 years celebration


Friends, collaborators and partners were inveted to a reception to celebrate our 5th anniversary and the expansion of our office space. There were cold refreshments and full go on the bbq on a super, sunny afternoon in Copenhagen. Thank you to everyone who came by.

CCO prequalified for Carlsberg project


Christensen & Co. architects together with Vilhelm Lauritzen, COBE, EFFEKT and Nord architects, has been prequalified for the exciting concept competition tendered by Carlsberg Group to develop the Carlsberg Area, in the western part of Copenhagen. The project spans the total of 80,000 m2, including a 100 m high residential tower, education facilities of 54.000 m2 and a renovation of the existing listed building "The hanging gardens" of 7,500 m2.

The SUNHOUSE Also Rises


Today the Sunhouse, CCO´s climate friendly nursery, opened. The nursery is build after the active house principles making it an energy+ building. The official opening, on a sunny afternoon, featured entertainment by the children of the nursery with their own climate song. Danish Health Minister, Benedikte Kier did the honors.


Velux Daylight Symposium


Michael Christensen, director at CCO is one of the keynote speakers at the international Velux "Daylight symposium". The symposium is arranged and facilitated by Lone Feifer, strategic project director at Velux. The workshop is focusing on daylight conditions in Active House buildings. Taking place at the SANAA designed Rolex centre in Lausanne, Schwitzerland.

CCO has new head of office


CCO welcomes architect Christian Hanak, who has been appointed new head of office. Christian will be part of CCO's overall management. Already including Michael Christensen - founder and director. Thomas Nørgaard, Vibeke L. Lindblad and Håkan Sandhagen head of projects. Christian Hanak is a trained architect and comes from a position as head of Urban Engineering at Grontmij I Carl Bro and, previously, as head of programme at Danish Architecture Centre.

A-Rating for CCOs services


We have received an A-rating from the client, for our services, on Sunhouse – Climate Friendly Nursery. The Danish building evaluation system has five stages.  A-rating means that CCO has performed above average.


ECOBUILD London 2011


Michael Christensen speaks at the seminar "How green is my city: international case studies"  highlighting green building projects and initiatives in European cities. The two other speakers in this afternoon's seminar is: Nicholas Falk from Urbed and Joakim Kaminsky from Kjell Branch Kaminsky architects in Goteborg.

MIPIM - NBSP commended


CCO and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects project Niels Bohr Science Park for Copenhagen University, has been 'Commended' in the MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2011. MIPIM is the world’s premier real estate event for professionals.


CCO prequalified for urban regeneration project


We are prequalified for the exciting competition to transform the street Thomas B. Thriges in Odense, H.C. Andersen´s hometown, from street to neighborhood. The team consists of CCO, SLETH Modernism, Schul & Okra Landscape and Alectia. The competition is hosted by a partnership consisting of Realdania and Odense Municipality.

CCO welcomes the NBSP team


The architect team behind Niels Bohr Science Park (NBSP), consisting of architects from Vilhelm Lauritzen and CCO, has come together in Bragesgade. The entire team is assembled in CCO's freshly painted rooms on the second floor, recently acquired to expand the office. CCO now occupy both second and third floor and  we offer a warm welcome to team NBSP.

Prize for Green Lighthouse


Green Lighthouse has received the Copenhagen Municipality´s prize for 'Good and beautiful buildings" 2009.
Copenhagen Culture Mayor Pia Allerslev, complimented Green Lighthouse saying; “[...] it represents a new vision for future construction"

Pushing The Envelope


CCO teamed up with Danish Architecture Centre, Denmarks Technical University and the School of Architecture to organize a two day international master class and workshop on the future of facades. 'Pushing The Envelope' was supported by Realdania and attracted experts from both home and abroad.

A report was subsequently produced, it can be downloaded here.

New project office in Aarhus


The Navitas project is in full swing on the waterfront in Aarhus and the team has moved into the project office with stunning views, both to the port of Aarhus and the Navitas site. CCO´s employees share the office with the rest of the project team from E. Pihl ​​& Son, Architects Kjaer & Richter, Marianne Levinsen Landscape and advisory firm ALECTIA.


Green Lighthouse in Athens


Green Lighthouse is part of the exhibition; Building Sustainable Communities opening today at the Benaki Museum in Athens. The exhibition is arranged by Danish Architecture Centre.

For more information on Building Sustailable Communities

Topping-out at Road & Bridge museum


The topping-out at Denmarks Road & Bridge museum was blessed by bright sunshine, creating a beautiful backdrop for the start of the history of Danish roads and bridges. The museum is located in lovely green surroundings on a field near Holbaek - along the so called Historic Road.

CCO to build extention for AMBU


We have won the competition to build an extention and refit for international medical equipment company AMBUs headquarter in Ballerup, just outside Copenhagen. The project is made in collaboration with contractors Jönsson and engineers Rambøll.

Green Lighthouse nominated for international award


Green Lighthouse has been nominated for a World Architecture Festival award. The international architecture festival takes place from 3-5 November 2010 in Barcelona.

For more information:

Niels Bohr Science Park


Christensen & Co. architects, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Rambøll, GHB Landscape and Colin Gordon Associates has won the competition for Niels Bohr Science Park in Copenhagen. The new laboratory and educational building for the faculty of science at The University of Copenhagen will cover 45.000 m2.

5 teams were invited to participate in the competition. Amongst them; Henning Larsen Architects, schmidt hammer lassen, KHR architects and GMP International Architects.

Navitas project exhibited


Our winning project for the new education facility in Aarhus, Navitas, is exhibited along the 4 other prequalified project.

The exhibition can be seen between 22 June - 2 July
Aarhus School of Engineering.
Dalgas Avenue 2. 8000 Aarhus.

CCO wins Roskilde Technical School


CCO, engineers ALECTIA and Kragh & Berglund Landscape has won the competition to design Roskilde Technical School. A visionary and challenging concept to assemble the various strands of the school under one roof next to the Muscicon area in Roskilde. The new school will occupy 17.000 m2.

The competition was: Kant Arkitekter, Dorte Mandrup, C.F. Møller, Arkitema K/S, Site A/S og Cubo Arkitekter A/S.

CCO supports UN Global Compact


The UN  Global Compact and its 10 principles is the world biggest CSR initiative for business' . The 10 principles derive from the universally recognized standards for responsible business, covering human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.




Green Lighthouse at Moscow Architecture Biennial


Green Lighthouse is part of Danish Architecture Centre's well traveled exhibition Building Sustainable Communities. Focusing on Danish Architects and Engineer's social and ethical responsibility in the build environment. 

The exhibition at the 2010 Moscow Biennial is open from 26 May - 8 June.

CCO to design Navitas


CCO is on the winning team to design Navitas, the new iconic education facility on Aarhus Habour. The building will be Denmark´s largest low energy building, covering 35.000 m2. It will house Aarhus School of Engineering, Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering and INCUBA Science Park and provide education, development and training with focus on energy.

The winning team is; E. Pihl & Son, Kjaer & Richter, Christensen & Co. architects, Marianne Levinsen Landscapearchitects and ALECTIA.

Chinese Trade Minister visits Green Lighthouse


The Chinese Trade Minister Chen Deming spend the afternoon at Green Lighthouse, while on a two day visit to Denmark. The Chinese delegation was giving a guided trip of the building.

Green Lighthouse is characterized by the unique  energy concept, with the combination of solar thermal seasonal storage and district heating.

President Medvedev visits Green Lighthouse


Russian president Medvedev was given a tour of Green Lighthouse while on a state visit to Denmark. Medvedev showed particular interest in the many green features of Green Lighthouse. Russia are in the process of upgrading its buildings to a more sustainable standard.

CCO wins competition to design new research building


CCO is to design a new research and education buidling for Denmark´s Technical University, Lyngby Campus. The sustainable new building will feature an innvoative new ventilation system. Research and education will come together in a playfull green environment connecting the various modules of the Technical University. The new building will cover 4.500 m2 and will be finished in 2012.

The competing teams was Danish architects; 3XN, BIG, Lundgaard & Tranberg and COBE/Transform.

CCO to design new Lund City Hall


Christensen & Co. architects has won the international competition to design the new city hall in Lund, southern Sweden. 78 international architects applied, 5 were chosen for the competition stage. The City Hall, which is expected to be build in three phases, will be app. 23.000 m2. The first phase will be finished in 2012.

The competing architects were: 3XN (DK), Tony Fretton Architects (UK), Lund & Valentin architecture (SE) and FOJAB Architects (SE).

CCO wins energy efficient office complex


CCO has just been annonced as winners of the competition to design a new office and retail complex in Valby, Copenhagen. The project covers 12.000 m2 with retail on the ground floor and offices above.


COP 15 - New Yorks mayor visits Green Lighthouse


New York City´s mayor; Michael Bloomberg was given a tour of Green Lighthouse by Michael Christensen. The two Michaels talked sustainability. Mayor Bloomberg is implementing a number of green initiatives in New York and highlighted Green Lighthouse as a groundbreaking model, for solving the climate issue within the built environment. 

COP 15 - CCO in live talkshow


Michael Christensen, director at CCO, was invited by the World Wildlife Fund to participate in a live talkshow. Inside COP 15 is recorded at the climate conference in Bella Centre, Copenhagen.

COP 15 - CCO exhibits at UN´s Climate Conference


We are showcasing both Green Lighthouse and The Climate Friendly nursery Sunhouse, at the UN Climate Change Conference at Bella Centre in Copenhagen. As examples of cutting edge sustainable buildings.

CCO proposes green transformation of the Copenhagen lakes


CCO are behind the launch of a groundbreaking new project transforming the area around the lakes in central Copenhagen. From a car fulled, heavy polluted area to a recreational green, sustainable urban area with focus on parks, football fields and people. 

Danish Industry´s innovation prize


Denmark´s first public CO2 neutral building, Green Lighthouse has been awarded the Innovation Prize by Danish Industry. The concept of the house enables sustinable energy without comprimising indoor climate or beautiful architecture.

CCO wins competition for Climate Friendly nursery


Christensen & Co. architects has just been announced as winners of the cutting edge green project; Sunhouse - An active house nursery in Hoersholm. The project is made in collaboration with Hellerup Byg and Ramboll. The many sustainable initiatives means that the nursery will produce more energy than it uses.

For more information on what makes a house active go to
the active house homepage

Green Lighthouse opens


Denmark´s first public CO2 neutral building has opened.
Green Lighthouse is now ready to recieve the students, only 16 months after CCO won the competition. Minister of Science Helge Sander, Lord Major of Copenhagen Ritt Bjerregård and Dean at University of Copenhagen Ralf Hemmingsen did the honors. Green Lighthouse lead the way to the future of energy efficient buildings, by combining sustainable technology with beautiful architecture and a good indoor climate for the users.


Instans of architecture in Berlin


Green Lighthouse is exhibited in the Nordic Embassy complex in Berlin, which houses the embassies from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The exhibition called ´instans of architecture´ has visited Paris, Prag and Moskva and is focusing on sustainable Danish architecture.

The exhibition is open from the 10. to the 27. of September.

CCO wins new museum


CCO has won the competition to build the new Road and Bridge Museum, in collaboration with engeneers Rambøll and contractors Hellerup Byg. The new museum will cover 500 m2 and is placed in Holbæk just outside Copenhagen and is due to open in 2011. The museum will perform registration, research and dissemination of the road and bridge construction history in Denmark.

Green Lighthouse on Building Sustainable Communities


Green Lighthouse, our CO2 neutral project for University of Copenhagen, is part of the travelling show exhibiting sustainable buildings. The exhibition has just been to Abu Dhabi and will now travel to Brands exhibitionhall in Odense followed by a visit to New York.

Topping-out at Green Lighthouse


According to tradition, the topping out ceremony at the Green Lighthouse included both the green wrath and over 300 organic sausages and beer. The round shape of the building, mirroring the sun, is starting to appear.

CCO wins masterplan project in Holland


Almere Costal Zone, a new town north of Amsterdam in Holland, is an ambitious sustainable masterplan which will transform the barren sand dunes to a lively new urban area. Bio diversity, urban variation and sustainability are the central elements. The Complete area is 1 km²

Flintholm competition


We have been prequalified for the competition to design a new business centre by Flintholm station, Frederiksberg. The project includes 25.000 m2 of office space and shops. Construction and property developer NCC and Frederiksberg Municipality are in charge of the project.

CCO exhibits in Paris


The exhibition is organized by the Danish House and the Danish Embassy in Paris. It serves as both a cultural initiative and promotion of Danish architects, who specialize in responsible and sustainable architecture. The exhibition is staged through a large installation consisting of no less than 2000 Parisian fruit boxes, and showcases 9 Danish architectural offices.

New Cruiseship terminal for Northern Habour


CCO is to design a new Cruiseship terminal for the upcoming area in the Northern part of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Danish City and Habour authority (By & Havn). Covering 1.1 km the terminal will transform the area, with the large cruiseships during season and an active urban space off- season. 

CCO wins Green Lighthouse


Christensen & Co. architects has just been announced as winners of the competition for Green Lighthouse, a new CO2 neutral building for The University of Copenhagen.

Fantastic Housewarming


Full house at CCO's housewarming to celebrate our two year birthday and relocation to new premises. Thanks to all our clients, partners and friends for a good day and thanks for all the nice gifts.


Study environment for the future


CCO has collaborated with Technical Administration, on The University of Copenhagen,  in researching study environments for universities in the future. Through workshops and study trips, CCO worked with 40 current students at the university to hear their opinions on the best way forward for designing and building study environments. 

New location for CCO


Two years after opening the office CCO are moving to larger rooms in Bragesgade, at the Northern part of Copenhagen.
The bright, beautiful rooms will provide ample space for the creative flow.

CCO in Green Lighthouse competition


CCO together with Hellerup Byg and Cowi, are among the 5 prequalified teams for Copenhagen University's tender to design a new climate-friendly building, to be built on North Campus in Copenhagen. The building will house student administration, student support services, meeting facilities and a faculty club.

New university project for CCO


CCO, in collaboration with Swedish BSK architects, has won the competition to develop a major new expansion of Stockholm University. The new campus is one of Sweden's most important campus´s for research and education and will include halls of residence, research and a new subway station.

CCO and Landic Property wins in Stockholm


Christensen & Co Architects, along with Landic Property, has won an international tender for the design and construction of a biomedical research center in Stockholm. The project is 70,000 m2 and includes a total investment of more than 1 billion sek.

CCO interview at SLOW HOME


CCO is presented on the new SLOW HOME network, with two video interviews featuring CCO's director Michael Christensen.

View the interviews on the Slow Home website


CCO presentation at the Ministry of Science conference


Director at CCO, Michael Christensen was among the speakers at the Ministry of Science´s major conference on the future strategy of the physical environment at universities campus´s.

CCO designs culture tower in Copenhagen


Copenhagen Municipality has just approved CCO's project for a new tower; "Twister". Combining a new culture café at Amager Beach with residential apartments. The  site has a unique location directly on the beach park with views to both Oersund and Copenhagen.

CCO wins international competition


CCO has won another prestigious international competition. A new university center in Stockholm covering approximately 60,000 m2. The new campus is designed as an ensemble of circular buildings giving the university a strong and distinctive visual profile, whilst also creating  inspiring and dynamic learning environments with focus on interdisciplinary creativity.

CCO wins competition in Stockholm, Sweden


CCO has been announched as the winner of the competition for an ambitious new building for The Royal Technical University in Stockholm. The visionary building will become an icon for synergy and collaboration at the university campus.

Christensen & Co. architects (CCO)


In May 2006 architect Michael Christensen started a new office: Christensen & Co. architects (CCO).

With the new office Michael realized his deam of establishing his own company, after a number of years as partner and creative director at Henning Larsen Architects.

The office address is: Østerssøgade 32. Copenhagen Ø